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Adrián Pérez-Redondo (ORCID code 0000-0002-0086-8825) received his Ph.D. at Universidad de Alcalá in 2007 on titanium molecular nitrides under the supervision of Dr Carlos Yélamos and Dr Miguel Mena. He learnt the basis of x-ray diffraction methods solving crystal structures of new heterometallic molecular nitrides at Universidad de Alcalá with the aid of Dr Avelino Martin. Later he worked on x-ray diffraction determinations and crystal packing of molecular polymers in several postdoctoral stays: in the group of Prof. G. Orpen at University of Bristol in 2008 as a José Castillejo-UAH fellow; in the group of Prof. C. Ruiz-Pérez at Universidad de La Laguna in 2010; and, in the group of Prof. L. Brammer at University of Sheffield in 2012. He got different non-permanent contracts at Universidad de Alcalá from 2001 to 2017 before being promoted to Profesor Titular de Universidad of Inorganic Chemistry.

His research topic has been initially focused on synthesis, characterization and reactivity of cube-type heterometallic molecular nitrides from the imide-nitride ligand [{Ti(h5-C5Me5)(m-NH)}(m3-N)] (see the microreview Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2016, 1762-1778). The experience gained with the imido-nitrido systems has driven him to the analysis of dinitrogen activation reactions, since imido/nitrido species could be seen as potential intermediates on N2–to–ammonia conversion route. Electron-rich transition metal complexes are usually the starting material in these transformations, so he has been interested on the preparation of low-valent titanium derivatives to be evaluated on N2 activation. Moreover, because hydride complexes could be also involved in these processes, he has synthesized and characterized new hydride complexes of Group 4 elements. In these investigations, he has also carried out the x-ray diffraction experiments and analyzed the crystal structures and the crystal packing of the compounds.

Additionally, he has collaborated as crystallographer on different projects with several research groups from Universidad de Alcalá and other universities from South America and Africa. Moreover, he has participated in several projects with other Spanish crystallographers to the progress of the Crystallography in Spain.

To date he has published more than 50 peer-reviewed papers in high profile and high prestige journals (more than 30 in Q1 quartile), including Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Chemistry – A European Journal, Chemical Communications and Inorganic Chemistry.

In his spare time, Adrian likes reading fictional novels, listening to orchestral music and travelling.

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