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Adrián was born in Madrid in 1998. He studied a Degree in Chemistry at Universidad de Alcalá (2016-20), being awarded with the Extraordinary Degree Award. During his studies, he collaborated with Metallocubanes research group in Summer 2018. Since then, he has been given several research grants that have let him to continue in the group under the supervision of both Dr. Adrián Pérez Redondo and Dr. Carlos Yélamos. In 2021, he finished his Master's studies in Chemistry for Sustainability and Energy in the aforementioned institution, also being rewarded with the Extraordinary Master's Award.


During these years, his work has been focused on the synthesis, characterization and reactivity of polymetallic titanium complexes, containing imide and nitride ligands. In fact, his Degree and Master's Final Projects were versed in the study of these compounds versus reductants, ammoniaborane as a hydrogen carrier and hydrides, mainly organosilanes. Currently, his research regarding dinitrogen fixation, activation & functionalization with early transition metals is the backbone of his PhD studies.


He is also the co-designer of this website.

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