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Cristina Hernandez Prieto - was born in Guadalajara, Spain. In 2015 and after 4 years she completed her undergraduate studies at the Universidad de Alcalá. During those years she also participated over the summer in the laboratories of Professor Miguel Mena, where she focused on the synthesis of polynuclear clusters of Nb and Ta supported by sulfide ligands. In 2015-16 she obtained her Masters degree in Chemistry and pursued again more detailed research studies in the group of Professor Miguel Mena, but this time her studies being more focused on the reactivity and characterization of imido complexes of Nb and Ta, as well as its reactivity with various alkylating agents and reductants.  In 2017 Cristina commenced her doctoral studies in the "Universidad de Alcalá", this time under the tutelage of both Dr. Cristina Santamaría and Professor Miguel Mena. Her Ph.D. topic was the investigation of polynuclear systems of Nb and Ta with supporting sulfide ligands and their reactivity with small molecules such dihydrogen and dinitrogen. Specifically, Cristina is trying to understand how cooperativity between these metal ions can promote such transformations. In the fall of 2019, Cristina joined the Mindiola group for three months as a visiting scholar where she worked on low-valent vanadium complexes and their reactivity with small molecules.

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