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Elena Álvarez was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1997. In September 2015, she started her Degree in Chemistry at the University of Alcalá, where she graduated with honors in 2019. During those years, she received some scholarships that let her participate over the summer in the laboratories of Metallocubanes group, focusing her Degree’s final project on the synthesis of niobium complexes.  In 2020, she obtained her master’s degree in “Research in Science (specialisation in Chemistry)” where she developed monocyclopentadienyl sulfur compounds of niobium and tantalum as her Master’s Final project.  

In May 2021, she started the PhD studies at the Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Department of the University of Alcalá, under the supervision of Dr. Alberto Hernán-Gomez and Dra. Cristina Santamaría. Her research interest focuses on the design of V and Ta complexes supported by redox active ligands for the activation of small molecules. 

​Outside of chemistry, Elena is very passionate about nature, reading and traveling. Besides, she collaborates with the design of this website. 

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