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Graduate in Chemical Sciences by Universidad de Murcia 1976 and Ph.D. by Universidad de Alcalá 1981.

My teaching/research background reflects a work carried out over 40 years, during which I have held positions of FPI Scholar, Assistant Professor, Acting Adjunct Professor, Full Professor and Professor in Inorganic Chemistry Area. My teaching work is supported by recognition of seven teaching five-year periods, directing 11 Ph.D. works and 20 degree projects. My scientific background has been recognized with 6 six-year research periods based on the authorship of 56 papers in international journals of the first quartile, 62 communications in congresses and participation as research/main investigator in 20 projects.

My scientific contributions are framed in the field of Organometallic Chemistry of transition metals, mainly with Niobium and Tantalum. Few years ago I joined this research group, with the idea of stablishing a chemical link that could result from construction of a cubane-type metal -sulfide cluster (M=Nb, Ta). First results of this work are the lastest articles that appear in my CV and that involve the study of the reactivity of the mentioned cluster systems in accordance with the proposed challeges in the current project (PGC2018-094007-BI00).

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